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How to Market a Card Game on TikTok

How to Market a Card Game on TikTok

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How to Use TikTok to Market a Card Game

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TikTok is a great tool for getting the word out about your product. There are a lot of niche audiences that you can reach, and there is definitely a growing tabletop gaming and card game community. There are many popular accounts dedicated to reviewing board and card games, such as Board Games In A Minute, with videos that get many views and likes.

Videos on TikTok can be up to three minutes long, which is more than enough time to give a basic rundown of your game for advertising and for letting people know a game is on Kickstarter.

Video demonstrations about card games include some upbeat music as a person or pair of hands play the game and show off the cards as a voice narrates on how to play the game.

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Use Hashtags on TikTok

TikTok, like many social media websites, uses hashtags to reach your community. When you search for keywords such as “kickstartergames” or “card games”  videos with descriptions that match those words will show up.

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The Basics of TikTok

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There are personal and business accounts on TikTok, and both account types have  free and paid options. 

On a business account, there is access to a business suite, where you can look at basic analytics on your videos.  Analytics may include a video’s number of views and how long your video was watched per viewer. 

Like any other video application, you really want to have a good microphone, good camera, and good lighting to produce a quality video. 

You can link your Instagram profile to your profile.

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The basic interactions on TikTok are liking, commenting and sharing, but there is also a view count.


There are a lot of trends on TikTok. Recently, a very popular trend was the “slow zoom” trend, where the camera slowly zooms in on the person recording while the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift plays. A lot of people were making different kinds of videos with that trend, using the slow zoom effect and song.


One of the things that makes TikTok unique is “sounds”, which is basically just the sound that goes with the video. A lot of the time the sound on somebody’s video will start trending and a lot of people start using that sound in their own videos. For example, there was a popular video where in the sound was “I want waffle fries!”  After that, people started using that sound “I  want waffle fries!” in their own video, usually lip syncing it. Using popular sounds is a fun way to get creative and gain traction, and hopefully end up trending!

And of course a great way to get in contact with the community is through liking and commenting on other videos, replying to the comments you get on your own videos, and following people!

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That’s the basic overview, but there is more. Check out the new TikTok for Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas card game @piratepartycards

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